Thursday, April 12, 2012


My girls mainly my little one is OBSESSED with Big Time Rush! I took them to the rodeo when BTR was set to preform. They loved it! It was a great day full of carnival rides, games, food and entertainment!

Next I hear that James Maslow is set to appear at a children's festival that raises money to help abused children. He is doing a meet & greet but will cost $$. I generally don't do this but Big H is going to a concert with a friend so I try to keep things even with the girls when they earn it. BTR is coming in July and that is way less but as luck has it we will be on vacation... So I splurged and off Little H & I went to spend the day in downtown Houston. After a very long day of seeing the festival & waiting, her moment came. He was super sweet to her and tried his best help her enjoy her moment.

L.O.V.E. this picture! She was soo shy but fully enjoyed it!!!

THANKS BIG TIME RUSH for making kids happy with your show & music!!!

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