Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TBALL Tournament

A few weeks ago Little H & her fellow Panthers played in their first Softball Tournament. It was 2 longs days with 3 games back to back on the first day and 2 games on the second. I was so proud of how all the little 6 yr olds and one very little 4 yr old played and stayed in the games. Not once complaining or wanting to go home. They won all the games they played taking home 1st place!!! Parents were crying & little girls were dancing for joy. It was such an awesome weekend!Our regular softball season is on a break due to school testing. So this gives me time to get projects ready for the team party. I had a fellow softball mom over this weekend to help make small scrap books loaded with action shots of the girls playing. It was so fun making these with my friend. She is always willing to help out the team in any way! THANK YOU!!

Big H's team opted out of playing in their age group. I'm not sure she was too upset. She has been swamped and exhausted with High School Tennis and I think that is her new passion. But she still rocks as a catcher!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Happy Easter!

I love this holiday! I love the egg dyeing, making baskets for my girls. Have the girls hunt for eggs. Since Big H is a teen (yes i still make her hunt for eggs) I use the dark green camo plastic eggs for her. Little H get bright pink camo eggs. I love to watch Big H. Those eggs are so hard to find. Mr. H even forgets where he puts them and she can be looking for 12 eggs for close to an hour. :)

She laughs when I tell her she can't have lunch till all the eggs have been found. I put coins in our eggs. I try to stay away from candy at Easter since we are still eating candy from Halloween and Christmas.

Most of all this holiday is the season of holy days: Passover, , Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

This is our time to remember Jesus rising from the dead. Jesus' body was no longer in the tomb and he had in fact risen from his death in order to save us all. An angel nearby this tomb told his followers of the miracle that had taken place. The resurrection, as described in the Bible, means that at the very moment Jesus rose from the dead, was the very moment we would be given everlasting life.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Being A Better Parent

Today I was reading one of my favorite blogs.. Little Pumpkin Grace.

She always has cute ideas on parties for her littles or teacher gifts. Today she posted a link to Ten Ways To Be A More Light-Hearted Parent.

WOW. At times I feel like I'm always in a rush (especially in the mornings getting off to work and 2 kids to school and a dog to go outside to go to the bathroom and not on my carpet) I love these tips. Simple things to do to make a happier home and less stress full.. I love the saying "The days are long, but the years are short. "

I'm still trying to recall where 15 yrs went since Big H was born or the almost 7 yrs since Little H came home.. So stop and take time to look around you, erase all those overwhelming feelings of just can't wait till they get older. Because before you know it. THEY ARE! Make a happy home so beautiful memories are abundant!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sun Burnt Out

Is there a thing as too much sun?? Today was a great yet exhausting day.

Running kids all over town... First I had to run Big H to the school for a function she signed up. The school had a Kickball Tournament .. 24 teams of 15 kids each. She got a group of girls together and signed up. So Friday being the team mom (I always get nominated to be) I made 14 hair bows and painted team names on 15 bandannas.. Which really mean LATE NIGHT!!

Next i had to rush to the TBALL fields for team pictures followed by another game... WE WON!!! Another great game for our girls they played like champs in the heat. I was busy snapping pictures and keeping cold water on the girls. Little H had All Star try outs.. She did well but wanted to play int he sand more than play ball after the game. She was able to hit off the pitcher which is required.. She still wasn't chosen :(

Then it was back to the the high school to watch the second half of the tourney... Running kids home grabbing a late lunch then home to crash..

Such a long day now I'm up due to the pain of a sun burn...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh how we love softball...

I know.. I know.. I know.. I just posted how anxious I was for the game... I was SO nervous..

Well that's over now.. WE WON!!! it's always so nerve recking for me just before a game.

But our team is awesome and the girls can really play!!

SO proud of them!!

Softball Bound


Tonight we have another game for TBALL... Our Team is the Panthers.. I think the parents get more into watching Mr. H & I jump, run and scream more than watching their girls play ball. LOL


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Well this is my first post.... I've had this blog set up for some time now but haven't really found my call to do anything with it..

So let me introduce my gorgeous family; Here is my dear sweet husband, Mr. H! I love him!!!

my sweet (sometimes) girls, Big H and Little H.. Aren't the beautiful!

I don't have a picture of myself... I find my family a better subject to shoot.