Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sun Burnt Out

Is there a thing as too much sun?? Today was a great yet exhausting day.

Running kids all over town... First I had to run Big H to the school for a function she signed up. The school had a Kickball Tournament .. 24 teams of 15 kids each. She got a group of girls together and signed up. So Friday being the team mom (I always get nominated to be) I made 14 hair bows and painted team names on 15 bandannas.. Which really mean LATE NIGHT!!

Next i had to rush to the TBALL fields for team pictures followed by another game... WE WON!!! Another great game for our girls they played like champs in the heat. I was busy snapping pictures and keeping cold water on the girls. Little H had All Star try outs.. She did well but wanted to play int he sand more than play ball after the game. She was able to hit off the pitcher which is required.. She still wasn't chosen :(

Then it was back to the the high school to watch the second half of the tourney... Running kids home grabbing a late lunch then home to crash..

Such a long day now I'm up due to the pain of a sun burn...

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