Saturday, October 8, 2011

Softball Cheer Softball Tennis

I can't believe it have been over a month since my last post.. Time has flown by yet I barely remember any of it :/

Both my girls have been so busy with school softball cheer and tennis.

Big H has won her last 3 out of 4 matches this season and Little h has been cheering her heart out! Both are playing softball and let me tell ya I'm tired :)

I've been busy with spirit gifts, wrist mums, glitter headbands, bows and team shirts. This past week it was my turn for snacks for the cheer squad... The girls loved it!!!

I found these darling little cups for 32 cents each!!! I love making big splashes while saving the cash!!! LOL ;)

I have so much happening this week that i can hardly wait to tell you all about it.. But I will !! :)

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