Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life Begins

This week has been very emotional for my house... My laptop was down for a few days, Big H is now a sophomore, Little H is now a 1st grader.. And my oldest niece Kelcie has graduated high school...

Through all the tears this week I was bound to get something wrong. Wrong shoes, forget to buy groceries.. Something I tell ya!!

Well I got the time of the ceremony wrong.. Thinking it was at 4.. I had plenty of time... Woke Mr. H up at 1 to get ready. The girls and I were ready at 1:30.. PERFECT!! Then I had the wonderful idea to look at the invite again... WHAT!!!! June 4th at 2 pm it says... UGGG.. Mr. H was dressed in a record time. We made it... I plea the 5th on if any laws were broken in order to make the 40 min drive in less than .. well less than 40 min.s is all i will say :) We arrived just as the program began.. .. So proud of my beautiful niece!!!

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